The core of the clone club is really just a bunch of vaguely queer people being really confused and distressed by how attracted they are to This Tatiana Maslany but not That Tatiana Maslany, and I think that’s beautiful.


“Évelyne, she’s a bomb which explodes in slow motion on screen. She’s more than just beautiful. She’s a passionate actress with a sophisticated acting who gives everything, resists to comfort and fights with certainty. She owns some weapons, coming from deep zones, which is a secret only herself knows” —Xavier Dolan  

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Curious as to how much of the intimacy between Delphine and Cosima is improv on Tatiana and Evelyne’s behalf. Like, the lip brush, the back poke, the hand kiss etc. ‘cause the nose bump on both occasions wasn’t scripted, was it?


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today i was in hot topic with my mom and there was a bra with Simba on it so I asked her “want a lion king bra?” she said “why would i?” so I put it in front of my chest and said “hakuna ma tatas” she had to leave the store she was laughing so hard.

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Tatiana Maslany and Jordan Garvis for EW Portraits

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Evelyne Brochu | Eve Gravel - Ten Years In The Making x




Imagines Tatiana pulling Dylan and Kristian to the side after Nerd HQ and giving them a very stern talking to about their ‘behaviour’.

tat be like: 


Anonymous whispered:
why would tony want to become a man if he is kissing felix? he's not really a man so why would felix kiss his back?


Okay first of all, these questions are extremely rude. It is perfectly okay to ask questions about things you don’t understand (I actually highly encourage that) but it is not okay to do so in an offensive manner. I almost didn’t even respond to this because i don’t want anyone on my blog to experience any pain from your words, but I feel like this needs to be addressed so I’m going ahead.

Now as a disclaimer, I am cis, so I am not speaking from experience here. If you are genuinely interested in learning about and discussing trans issues, I recommend geekdawson because he is always welcome to share and discuss, but please don’t be rude to him because he’s amazing and doesn’t deserve that.

That being said, I have a few thoughts in response to your questions. First, although gender and sexuality are often intertwined (sexuality often is defined in reference to one’s own gender), they are exclusive identities. A trans person does not need to have a specific sexuality in order to be a certain gender, just as a cis person doesn’t. For example, in OITNB, we see many women who identify as lesbians or bisexuals, including Sophia who is trans. She is no less a woman for being attracted to women, just as Nicky is no less a woman for being attracted to women.

The same is true of Tony; it doesn’t matter what genitalia he was born with, whether he has to bind his breasts, or who he chooses to kiss or date or have sex with. Tony is a real man. He is man because he says he is, and he doesn’t need surgery or hormones for that to be the case. Trans people use surgery and hormone treatment to feel comfortable in their bodies and help reduce/eliminate dysphoria, not to make them a real man or woman.

Now in reference to Felix, since Tony is a man, there really is no issue in regards to Felix’s sexuality. Perhaps if they were to have sex, there would have to be a discussion and maybe Felix would have feelings he would have to work out about that, but regardless of what were to happen, Felix would still be a gay man engaging in a relationship with another man. The reasons that kiss was uncomfortable in the show were not associated with gender or sexuality; Felix even says “I’m not afraid of fluidity.” The kiss was awkward because Felix was kissing someone who had the same face as his sister, and that’s just weird for anyone.

So that’s what I have to say. If you are genuinely interested in discussions, I welcome it, but please watch how you phrase things, and please keep offensive language out of my inbox.

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why do you think cosima and delphine were still in their underwear after sex? do you think that they just didnt get completely nude or that they put underwear back on before laying in bed together?


if i had to take a guess i’d say tv censors


"We have a lot of fun together. I like kissing her. It’s easy with her."  - Aliyah O’Brien on working with Charlotte Sullivan (x) 

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The Five Stages of Evelyne Brochu


  1. Denial -> There is no way that Evelyne Brochu is an actual human being. She can’t exist, no fucking way. With that face and her magical hair and her smile? No.
  2. Anger -> is that… did you just? Evelyne is that your tongue in the COPHINE KISS!? stOP FuckING smILING!! HOW FUCKING DARE YOU BE SO BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT STOP BEING SO AMAZING YOU’RE SO FUCKING RUDE
  3. Bargaining -> I swear to God that I will become a hermit or something for the rest of my life if I could just meet Evelyne Brochu just once and have her say my name, come on Universe you owe me man.
  4. Depression -> I hate you. Fuck you and your fucking face you’re so rude and I’m going to go cry into a tub of ice cream now.
  5. Acceptance -> She’s perfect. She’s just utter perfection and I love her. and I’m going to go and watch all of her discography now and her face may or may not be my laptop wallpaper just saying

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What he was thinking

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forget the hair, evelyne brochu’s entire being does a thing that i do not understand